Controlled Dimmer


• Designed for RLC dimming lights, also available for appliance switching.

• Manages 230V AC output, controlled by 1 semi-conductor.
  Maximum output power is 2000Va.

• Can be controlled manually, via switched input, 0(1)-10V or potentiometer

• Electronic overcurrent protection, overvoltage and short-circuit protection.

• Thermal protection inside device.

• 6-MODULE version, DIN rail mounting.

• Additional 1000Va modules can be added (DIM6-3M-P).
  A total of 8 can be added to the DIM-6, totalling 10,000Va.

Technical Details
Supply Voltage: 230VAC / 50Hz
Input: 10VA
Voltage Range: -15%; +10%
Maz. output power: 2000VA
Dissapated power: 2.5% from Load
Module extendable: to 10000VA
Isul. volt. between outputs and inner circuits: 3.75KV, SELV
Control - Button Type
Control voltage: AC 12-240V
Control terminals: S-S, galvanically separated
Length of control impulse min. 25ms, max unlimited
Recovery time: max. 150ms
Control 0(1)-10V
Control terminals: 0(1)-10V, GND
Contol voltage: 0-10V or 1-10V
Min. current control input: 1mA
CIB contol
Control terminals: CIB+, CIB-
Bus voltage: 27V DC
Current of control input: 5mA
Indication of data transmission: yellow LED
Contactless: 4 x MOSFET
Current rating: 10A
Resistsive load: 2000VA*
Inductive load: 2000VA*
Capacitive load: 2000VA*
Indication of output state yellow LED, according to load
Other data
Operating temperature: -20oC to +35oC
Storaging temperature: -30oC to +70oC
Operating position vertical
Mounting: Din rain EN 60715
Protection degree: IP 40 from front panel
Heat and fire resistance cat.: FR-0
Anti-stroke category: class II
Rated inpulse voltage: 2.5KV
Overvoltage category: III.
Pollution level 2
Dimensions 90 x 105 x 65mm
Weight 410g (14.5oz.)
Applying standards: EN 60669-2-1,EN 61010. EN55014