Dimming Actuator/Receiver 160W Max


• Will dim up to 160W of most dimmable LED's, CFLi's, mains and
  low-voltage halogen lights with a dimmable transformer as well as
  standard tungsten filament

• Load selection control. For LED sources, either LED or capacitive

  load can be selected providing a higher percentage of compatibility

• Facility to use a momentary switched input, can then be controlled
  by a further 31 transmitting devices

• Rotary 'trim' control gives adjustment so the lights can remain slightly ON
  and also erradicate flickering which may occur at the bottom end of dimming

• 7 programmable functions: 6 various dimming functions plus ON/OFF

• Easy operation: short press will turn the light ON or OFF, a long
  press dims the lights UP or DOWN to the required level

• Electronic over-voltage protection - switches off the output when the dimmer is   overloaded or open circuit

• The programming is performed by using the button 'PROG' which also acts as   a manual override

• CS2 receiver offers memory function which enables device to remember the   status in the event of power failure (single flash - disabled or double flash -   enabled when exiting programming)

Technical Details
Supply voltage: 230V AC / 50Hz
Apparent consumption: 1.1 VA
Dissipated power: 0.8W
Tolerance of supply voltage: 9.85
Connection: 4-wire with “NEUTRAL“
Resistive load: 160W
Capacitive lod: 160W
Inductive load: 160W
Packet from transmitter: 868 MHz 
Manual control: PROG (ON/OFF), external button
Range in open space: up to 160M
Other data
Operational temperature: -20 °C to +35 °C
Operational position: any
Mounting: 35mm deep enclosure (plastic)
Protection degree: IP 30
Overvoltage category: III.
Pollution level: 2
Output wires:  4 x 0.75 mm2
Output wire length:   90 mm
Dimensions: 49 x 49 x 21 mm
Weight: 40g
Applying standards: EN60730-1 ED.2